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    1. 古时候人们都是选择有水的地方定居。
    In ancient times,people always located where there was water.
    2. 我们丰富的资源和稳定的政策为外商投资提供了有利条件.
    Our abundant resources and stable policy provide foreigners with the advantages they invest here.
    3. 你完全不了解本保单中你应当承担什么样的责任。
    You absolutely don't know what responsibility you should take in the policy.
    4. 尊老爱幼是中华民族的传统美德,应该发扬光大。
    Respecting the old and cherishing the young is a Chinese traditional virtue, which should be carried on and broadened.
    5. 我们应该学会用一种发展的眼光去看待失败,以避免犯类似的错误。
    We should learn to use a development vision to see failure in order to avoid making similar mistakes.
    6. 中关村是北京的高科技中心,被誉为“中国的硅谷”。
    Zhongguancun is the high-tech center in Beijing, known as China's Silicon Valley.
    7. 长城是中华文明的摇篮,是世界文化遗产之一。
    The Great Wall,the cradle of civilizationof China, is one of the world cultural heritage.
    8. 纵观国内外经济形势,我们正处在一个难得的发展时期。
    From a general survey of economic situation at home and abroad, we are in a god-given period of development.
    9. 2010上海世博会是世界各国展示其综合成就和发展前景的盛会。
    2010 Shanghai World Expo was a grand gathering which every country over the world could show its comprehensive achievements and development prospectst.
    10. 我国国际竞争力在很大程度上取决于服务业的发展水平。
    Our international competitiveness,largely, depends on the development level of service industry.

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