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    What are important characteristics you look for in friends?
    Sample answer:
    I think what makes a good friend is someone who is honest, supportive, and has a good sense of humor. I just look for someone who's honest to me no matter what.He should not tell stories behind my back; he should tell me my short-comings at my mouth, but never praises me in front of me.
    It is a well known saying that "A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED." Therefore, a friend should stand by you in the hour of any sort of need. I just think that a good friend won't leave me if I'm in trouble. They can be my friends in sunshine and in shade, care for me even when the times are bad and even more when the times are great.
    Also, I'd love to spend more time with someone who can make me laugh and is fun to be around.

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