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    Should the use of mobile-phones in public vehicles be prohibited ?
    Well, as far as I am concerned, the use of mobile-phones in public vehicles should not be prohibited.Firstly, using mobile-phone in public places is a civil right for each citizen. This right should be protected as long as it doesn’t run against the law. In fact, this behavior is mostly harmless so it’s impossible to break the law.Secondly, we have a strong need to use mobile-phones even in public vehicles. You know, in this fast-paced society, our schedules are always full and we might receive a phone call at any time. If we cannot use mobile-phones we may miss many business chances.Thirdly, it’s impractical to do a such silly thing to prohibit the use of mobile-phone.Therefore, it should not be prohibited.
    What characteristics do you think a good teacher should have?
    Well, in my opinion, a good teacher should have the following characteristics:The first one is dedication. A good teacher should be fully devoted to the cause of education so that he or she could do best in his/her job and win students’ respect.The second is patience. A good teacher should never lose his/her patience because this may cause the students’ ignorance of the knowledge. Instead he/she should explain again and again until the students understand.Most of all, a good teacher should be amiable and friendly. If a teacher could become true friends of his/her students, they will communicate better and have a better interaction in class and thus improve the teaching quality.
    What are important characteristics you look for in friends?
    Well, the first one is honesty. Only if a person is honest he/she can be trusted. I praise highly for honesty because if your friend is honest, he/she would treat you sincerely and would never betray you no matter what condition you are in.Another important characteristic is helpfulness. You know, what are friends for? Help and support, right? And we could enhance our friendship by helping each other.Also, I’d like my friends to be very tolerant. You know anyone can make mistakes. If your friend is not tolerant how can you expect your friendship to last long?
    Describe a person that influenced you most.
    Well, I want to talk about my father.When I was young, he often told me to be honest, strong and hardworking and he set a good example for me. He neverbroke his promise and he worked hard every day to support our family. Although it was very tough, he never complained nor yielded (gave in) to the difficulties.He never imposes pressure upon me so I could learn what I love freely. He encouraged me to work hard to enter a good university and whenever I got frustrated he would encourage me and help me overcome the difficulties. He made me understand how to care for others.In addition, he never beat me and made me know how important it is to respect others.
    Describe the most efficient transportation in your country.
    In my view, the most efficient transportation in my country is bicycle.First of all, it’s very convenient. It won’t cost you a single penny to refuel your bike. And you don’t need to go to great length to find a parking lot. What’s more, in big cities, bicycles are sometimes faster than cars because cars are often trapped in traffic jams. Actually you can get rid of all those troubles that have plagued car drivers.Secondly, it is very cheap. Anyone can afford a bicycle. In fact, almost every Chinese family has got at least one bike.In addition, bicycles don’t contribute to air pollution. Travelling by bicycle can do a lot of good to your health.

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