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    Describe a book that you think is the most useful and explain why it is the most useful. Include reasons and examples to support your response.(05. 11.19 考题)
    Sample answer:
    The book that I think is the most useful is OG, Official Guide for new TOEFL. I'm a book lover and have lots and lots of collections. But OG is of the greatest use ‘cause I'm taking TOEFL Test, which is a must for a student who is gonna finish his or her overseas study in America. Not only does it give the brief introduction of the test, but it also provides test candidates with practical tips. On the other hand, some basics of English language are offered following the main parts, which is very helpful for those who don't have a good command of English. Most of all, it helps me get well prepared for TOEFL iBT and improve my performance on the four skills as well. This definitely leads to the academic success in my future study. That's why I think OG is the most useful book for me.
    Sample answer:
    I prefer magazines to fictions or poems, especially monthly magazines ‘cause they are like colorful flowers in a garden.They are good in some way and fill current trends and demands in different ways.
    My definition of a good magazine is one that doesn't just stick to the same writers and trends. The presentation, theme, and subjects should vary to grab the interest of readers. And a magazine should be a place where new writers can blossom. I would like to see more magazine stories and features on the new generation of writers and I hope to read more about new trends and new ideas. I read five or six magazines per month and I buy two magazines regularly---fashion and beauty magazines, ‘cause they are worth reading for their entertainment news and fashion and beauty tips. Sometimes the personality profiles(个人档案/简介) of successful business icons(这里指“人物”) are also fun to read.

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