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    1,With the development of the technology, the computer is more and more important to our daily life. The young people know much about it while the old face difficulty dealing with the computer.
    2.The young people are basically well educated, so they are more knowledgeable than the olds. They know the world better since they can explain the thing happened.
    computer、television、telephone 中选一个对你生活最重要的
    In fact, computer has the function of both television and telephone. We can watch movies and read news on the internet with the computer. Also we can have a chat with the family or your friend; we can send emails and go shopping on the internet. In addition, the computer can help students to learn fast, you can listen to the VOA on the computer to improve your English. Finally, it helps us finish the work effectively.
    1. the class knowledge is very limited, for example, I do well in my study, but when I face some difficult problems in the life,I can not find a solution.
    2. there are many important things outclass just like the skill of communicate with other people and obey the rules of the society
    3, the working experience is very important.
    some good news and why.
    My professor offers me the opportunity to do a project with.
    1, he is a excellent teacher in our college, and it is my honor to follow his to do a research. You know, there are 30 students in my class; I am the lucky one to have the chance.
    2, When I meet any problem during the project, I can ask my professor who is a patient teacher to help. That will encourage me to further research and improve my ability of learning, which are helpful in my graduate study.

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