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    1. Fructose is a monosaccharide sugar that is much sweeter ---.
    (A) than cane sugar does
    (B) does cane sugar
    (C) cane sugar
    (D) than cane sugar
    2. Ground plans and contour maps of the Earth ---from aerial photographs.
    (A) can be drawn
    (B) can draw
    (C) to draw
    (D) drawn
    3. By the middle of the twentieth century, painters and sculptors in the United States had begun to exert ---over art.
    (A) influence worldwide a great
    (B) a great worldwide influence
    (C) influence a great worldwide
    (D) a worldwide influence
    4. ---millions of galaxies exist in the vast space outside the Milky Way.
    (A) It is estimated that
    (B) An estimate that
    (C) That is estimated
    (D) That the estimated
    5. The extent of the harmful effect of locoweeds on animals depends on the soil ---the plants grow.
    (A) which
    (B) which in
    (C) in which
    (D) in

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