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    Broadband technology is seen as the key to the new digital economy.
    In this rapidly changing world, media and technology information Can be sent via phone calls and downloads like music, graphics, business information or films.
    The simpler the information, the smaller the package and the narrower the bandwidth needed to deliver it.
    Broadband is used for high speed Internet connections at a fixed monthly rate. It turns an exciting telephone line into a high speed digital line capable of carrying data up to 40 times conventional modem speeds.
    Any download is available at the click of a mouse-there is no dial-up as there is with standard Internet Service Providers.
    For home owners and families there are many advantages. One of the most important is simultaneous (同时的)access to both telephone lines and the Internet. No queses and no delay.
    For businesses, broadband can impove customer relations and provide direct access to corporate e-malls and databases. Entire operations can go online.
    1. The function that broadband technology has on the new digital economy is ________.
    A) further
    B) critical
    C) costly
    D) global
    2. How much does a user pay if he has broadband technology installed?
    A) It depends On the length of time.
    B) It depends on the times of dial-up.
    C) He pays at a fixed monthly rate.
    D) He pays a lot of money.
    3. Compared with the modem speed the broadband technology can transmit data ________.
    A) at up to forty times of ordinary speed
    B) much more faster
    C) at a high speed
    D) within a second
    4. Who can take advantage of the broadband technology according to the passage?
    A) Family members.
    B) College students.
    C) Both home owners and businessmen.
    D) Only businessmen and their partners.

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