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    be down and out:疲惫不堪,一蹶不振
    EX: After about ten years of no business at all, they are practically down and out.
    EX: I don't think you realize that I am down and out.
    double date:两对伴侣的约会
    EX: Sometimes it's more fun to go on a double date.
    EX: He surely went off the deep end when he bought that restaurant.
    EX: When Bob became interested in model airplanes, he went the whole hog.
    jump out of the frying pan into fire:每况愈下(from bad to worse)
    EX: You're jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. By trying to straighten out with Mr.Bagnell, you're getting your self in trouble with Mrs. Bagnell.
    jump down one's throat:横加指责
    EX: I don't mind being corrected when I am wrong, but you don't need to jump down my throat.
    lick into shape:塑造,训练整顿
    EX: Two years in the army will lick him into shape.
    EX: The inspection was announced at two o'clock, and they had the place licked into shape.
    look down one's nose at:嗤之以鼻,瞧不起
    EX:The man is a snob. He looks down his nose at most people
    EX:He looks down his nose at the offer. (meaning he doesn't care about the offer.)
    make heavy weather:发觉某事有困难
    EX:Though the investment is at present making heavy weather, the future is regarded withconfidence.
    make head or tail of: 弄清楚,懂得
    EX:Can you understand this letter? I've read it through twice and I juse can't make head of tail of it.
    Stand to reason 清楚而且合乎逻辑
    Ex:It stands to reason that too many shopping choices can be as bad as too few.
    Ex:If you drink too much coffee a day, it stands to reason that your health will suffer.
    kick around 私下讨论一下
    Ex: We haven't decided where to go on vacation. I think we'd better kick it around for a while.
    put two and two together 找出解决之道
    Ex: At first, he couldn't understand the directions for assembling the bookcase, but later on he was able to put two ond two together.

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