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    You are about to graduate and so you are lookingfor a job. There are many things to decide such asbig city, small city, big company, small company, highsalary, future prospects, in-house training, etc. Inyouropinion, what is important in looking for a job?
    Choose a Job You Love
    When it comes to choosing a job I believe that one's own interest should be considered as animportant criterion.
    I concede that big cities usually provide more opportunities than smaller cities. And thechallenges presented with big cities can also motivate new graduates to adjust to the realcompetitive world fast. In the same sense, remuneration undeniably would be a majorfactor as well. However, as far as I am concerned, the decisive factor should be one'sinterest. People can easily be trapped in a job which does not inspire them. But work can alsobe a source of infinite pleasure and enjoyment if it intrigues an individual. Furthermore, one ismuch more likely to obtain achievements by playing to one's strengths. Life would be moremeaningful when one endeavours to pursue one's real interests and follow one's heart.Admittedly, it is hard not to be tempted by a high salary. Yet, in the long run, one will come tothe realisation that it is shortsighted to exchange one's passion for monetary rewards.
    In the final analysis, although there are a myriad of factors to be considered before making adecision, from my standpoint, I believe that one should never forgo one's true passion.
    1.Among many competing factors,l believe that onehas to consider which type of job he findsintriguing.
    2.Big cities may not be suitable for everyonewhereas small cities sometimes harbour surprisingopportunities.
    3.Evidently, jobs with a promising prospect are more desirable in the long term despite arelatively low starting-up salary.
    4.The reality is that new graduates are hardly in a position where they would be spoilt forchoice.
    5.Given the current job market, many students just settle for whatever job they can obtainregardless of location or prospects.

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