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    Today, more and more adults are spending theirleisure time trying to improve themselves by goingback to college or taking special courses in subjectswhich they are interested in. What is your view onthe importance of adult education?
    The Importance of Adult Education
    Many people in the workforce are unhappy with their current salaries or career and consider achange or a betterment of their lives through discovering new avenues of industry. Adulteducation is on the rise. I personally hold that adult education is highly advisable and completelyachievable3 and therefore is highlyimportant.
    Firstly, adults starting a new or returning to school most often have found within themselves astrengthened desire to succeed. Studies have shown that 80% of adult students graduate ascompared to a 50% average graduation rate among traditional students. Furthermore, adultshave a bank of knowledge from life or workexperience that can contribute to what they willlearn in school. This is a fantastic advantage over thei younger peers. Adults also view theirprofessors as peers and are less intimidated by them, Last but not least, higher education forthe adult is a life-changing experience. Most often, adults go to school to further theireducation in hopes of salary increases, chances for promotion, or they go to school forchange,hoping to enter into a better field or pursue a field that they have a deep-rootedpassion for.
    In conclusion, the importance of having adult education overs,dules, going back to school foradult education is feasible and highly advisable.
    1.If people are willing to spend time and money ongaining new experience once they stop working, itwouldbe an enormous asset to the economy if wecan persuade them to do this earlier.
    2.Apart from the collective economical benefits,it also helps the individual.with the currentprogress of society, people need to keep up in their personal lives as well.

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