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    The generation gap is a common phenomenon thatexists everywhere and at every time between parentsand children. It results in misunderstandings andcauses friction between loved ones. You are tosuggest only ONEway to solve the problem.
    Solving the Generation Gap Problem
    Although some generational differences have existed throughout history, during this eradifferences between the two generations grew significantly in comparison to previous times,particularly with respect to such matters as musical tastes, fashion, culture and politics. Theonly and most important thing to bridge the generation gap is to stay in communication withfrank, honest and open chat.
    First of all, communication enables young people to understand the older generation better.The younger generation naturally differs in dress, food and habits. They think old people do notfit in the modern world,so they tend not to listen to their counsel. However, older people havemore experience and can share their advice with the new generation, Secondly, communicationmakes it easier for old people to understand the younger generation. Old people are fullyconvinced of their ideas as ultimate and ideal. They impose their self-righteous attitude onthe young, who, however, are becoming rebellious against the central authority of the paternalfigure. Teenagers are always talking about their freedom, usually in context of how theirparents are obstacles. Therefore, effective communication is vital in order to overcome anydifficulties.
    In conclusion,there always has been a generation gap since the dawn of civilization . Moreunderstanding and mutual respect seem to be a good way to narrow the generation gap.Therefore, communication with frank and honest chat is the key to this problem.
    1.Every family has unique, treasured familytraditions and stories that can help keep differentgenerations connected.
    2.The younger generation is more intellectuallyevolved than the preceding one. But the ego of theolder people does not permit them to accept this hard truth and they would always like to playthe role of the destiny makers of the younger ones.
    3.Having a multigenerational family presents a unique set of challenges and benefits.
    4.With the passage of time when society, right from the basic unit of the family is changing,howcan the new generation be asked to stagnate or move backward to their ancestors way of life?

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