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    In some parts of the world, polluted land is a bigproblem. Land pollution can affect wildlife, plants,and humans in a number of ways. Suggest ONE wayto reduce land pollution.
    Impose Strict Standards on Industries
    Some parts of the world farce grave soil pollution that jeopardizes the ecology, food safety,people's health and a sustainable social development. The long-term effect of land pollutionhas become a cause for concern by the public in general, In my opinion, strict regulations andstandards for industry should be adopted in order to prevent land pollution.
    Firstly, as a matter of fact, industrial pollutants account for more than 80% of the landpollution which is now causing us huge problems in every aspect of our lives. By setting strictstandards on industries, we could effectively deter relative factories from producing industrialpollutants. For example, the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro marked a paradigm shift in theattitude of the governments of the world, as 150 delegates attended and recognized theimportance of control and discipline. Secondly, when governments makethe new standards forthose leading industries and with people in every comer of the world benefiting fromit, smallbusiness owners and entrepreneurs will also be positively involved and possibly stay engagedwith the process of reducing land pollution.
    To conclude, I am fully convinced by what is argued above that for the sake of ourselves andthe generations to come, strict relative relations and standards for industry should beimmediately adopted in order toprevent land pollution once and for all.
    1.Land pollution has led to a series of public healthhazards and loss of land for useful purposes. Chinais in severe need of a proper solid wastemanagement system.
    2.Land that is unfit for human habitation may well beunfit for wildlife too.
    3.Land is also heavily polluted with heavy metals and toxic substances.

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