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    1. 我们应该不遗余力地美化我们的环境。
    We should spare no effort to beautify our environment.
    2. 在建立个人网站前,先问问自己,为什么想要一网站,想要达到的目标是什么。
    Before you build a personal site, ask yourself why you want one, and what you want to accomplish.
    3. 在造访一个提供网站空间服务的网站时,你会看到种类繁多的方案可供选择,哪一种价位可以给你多少网络空间及多大的传输流量。
    When you visit the site of a Web host, you’ll see a wide variety of plans-so much space and so much network traffic for so much money.
    4. 典型的网站包括图像、文字及图片,比较精心制作的网站还有动画、影像、声音和其他额外的内容。
    Web site typically contain graphics, texts and pictures, while more elaborate ones include animation, video, audio and other extras.
    5. 关于网站设计,有许多是很吸引人的,也有许多则令人泄气。
    There are many things about Web sites that are appealing and many that are just plain frustrating.
    6. Pizza came to the U. S. with Italian immigrants; the first U. S. pizzeria opened in 1905, and pizza became one of the nation’s favourite foods after World War Ⅱ。 It is now popular worldwide. (英译汉)

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