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    1. -----Nancy is not coming tonight.
    ----- But she _____!
    A. promises
    B. promised
    C. will promise
    D. had promised
    2. We've made some achievements, but there is still a long way _____.
    A. going
    B. to go
    C. gone
    D. to be gone
    3. Dr. Bethune began to work the _____ he arrived at the front.
    A. moment
    B. place
    C. way
    D. reason
    4. ----- This pen isn't yours, is it?
    ----- _____.
    A. Yes, it's not mine
    B. No, yours is bigger
    C. No, it's my friend's
    D. Yes, mine's a red one
    5. ----- Thanks for the_____ you did me to move away the stone.
    ----- That's all right.
    A. favour
    B. good
    C. trouble
    D. kindness
    6. She won't be afraid as _____ as you are here.
    A. long
    B. well
    C. soon
    D. far
    7. It isn't quite _____whether she will take the advice.
    A. sure
    B. right
    C. certain
    D. exact
    8. Shirley _____a book about China last year but I don't know whether she has finished it.
    A. has written
    B. wrote
    C. had written
    D. was writing
    答案:BBACA ACD

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