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    1. You _________in such a hurry just now. Look, there is plenty of time left.
    A. don't have to do it B. needn't have done it
    C. wouldn't do it D. mustn't have done it
    2. _____________is one of the five working language at U.N. , which _______ are very proud of.
    A. The Chinese, the Chinese B. Chinese language, Chinese
    C. Chinese, the Chinese D. Chinese language, the Chinese
    3. -What's your problem ?
    - I have lost sight of my mum and dad . I saw them ________ in front of me a moment ago.
    A. were walking B. to have walker C. walk D. walking
    4. Children are tired of learning often because they are __________to do more than they can.
    A. expected B. suggested C. hoped D. wished
    5 _________ concerts will be needed if we wanted to collect enough money to start a school.
    A. Some other ten B. Another ten C. Other ten D. Ten others
    6. The door burst open and ________ , shouting with anger.
    A. in rushed the crowd B. rushed in the crowd
    C. the crowd tin rushed D. in the crowd rushed
    7. We carved their names on the stone so that younger generations could know what their forefathers ____ for the nation.
    A. did B. were doing C. had done D. have been doing

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