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    1.I'm afraid it ______ tomorrow, but who knows?
    A. may have rained B. might rain C. would rain D. ought to rain
    2.The Caspian Sea, a salt lake, is ______any other lake in the world.
    A. largest B. the largest C. larger than D. the larger than
    3.______bricks, workers press clay into blocks and bake them to the requisite hard.
    A. Being made B. The making of C. To make D. Made
    4.He will go to America next month, if he ____ready then.
    A. is B. will be C. shall be D. is going to be
    5.Cars moved very slowly in the 1920s, but they ______move more quickly than in 1910.
    A. were to can B. did C. will D. can
    6.Have a cup of tea, _______?
    A. shall we B. will you C. won't you D. do you
    7.It is estimated that much of a teenager's time is spent______ with friends.
    A. to talk B. talking C. being talked D. having talked
    8.It is one __________best sellers in our country now.
    A. of them B. of those C. of this D. of their
    9.Henry was deported for having an expired visa. He _______ his visa renewed.
    A. should have had B. must have had C. might have had D. would have had
    10.----- "Where is your college located, John?"
    ----- "It is ________."
    A. on the Fifth Avenue B. on Fifth Avenue C. in Fifth Avenue D. at Fifth Avenue

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