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    Samsung Electronics, the world's best-selling smartphone maker1, has launched a handset with a curved display screen. 
    navigate2 the phone better Samsung said the curved screen will help users navigate the phone better
    Called the Galaxy3 Round, the smartphone will feature a 5.7in (14.5cm) display.   The launch netes just days after rival LG said it would begin production of curved-screen phones next year.   Digital display technology has been progressing towards curved screens. Both Samsung and LG already offer curved organic light-emitting diode (OLED) television sets.    Samsung said the curved screen display would help consumers use some of the features on the phone, including those that enable users to check information such as date, time and missed calls when home screen is off, with more ease.   At the same time, users can also change music tracks on their phone, even while its display is off.   The Galaxy Round will initially4 be launched only in South Korea. The firm gave no indication of its plans for a global launch. 
    'Internet of Things'   The global smartphone market has been growing rapidly.   According to research firm CCS Insight, worldwide smartphone sales will hit nearly one billion in 2013 - accounting5 for more than half the total of 1.7 billion mobile phones sold.   As as result, smartphone manufacturers have been keen to offer new products to win consumers.    With display technology moving towards flexible and bendy screens, it is one area that netpanies have been looking at.    Some analysts6 said that while the initial offering of curved-screen phones may not see huge sales, the segment of flexible displays was one to keep an eye on.   "These phones may not be a game-changer today, but they are definitely an indication of things to nete," Manoj Menon, managing director of consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, told the BBC.   "Flexible displays have a huge role to play as the market place for 'internet of things' grows."   This refers to the idea that many things in homes or offices - not just typical netputers - will soon be connected to the internet.   The sector7 is tipped by many to be a major industry in the near future.   Mr Menon said that as flexible screens became more advanced and cost-effective to make, it was likely to speed up growth in the sector.
    1 maker      n.制造者,制造商 参考例句:
    He is a trouble maker,You must be distant with him.他是个捣蛋鬼,你不要跟他在一起。
    A cabinet maker must be a master craftsman.家具木工必须是技艺高超的手艺人。
    2 navigate      v.航行,飞行;导航,领航 参考例句:
    He was the first man to navigate the Atlantic by air.他是第一个飞越大西洋的人。
    Such boats can navigate on the Nile.这种船可以在尼罗河上航行。
    3 galaxy      n.星系;银河系;一群(杰出或着名的人物) 参考例句:
    The earth is one of the planets in the Galaxy.地球是银河系中的星球之一。
    The netpany has a galaxy of talent.该公司拥有一批优秀的人才。
    4 initially      adv.最初,开始 参考例句:
    The ban was initially opposed by the US.这一禁令首先遭到美国的反对。
    Feathers initially developed from insect scales.羽毛最初由昆虫的翅瓣演化而来。
    5 accounting      n.会计,会计学,借贷对照表 参考例句:
    A job fell vacant in the accounting department.财会部出现了一个空缺。
    There's an accounting error in this entry.这笔账目里有差错。
    6 analysts      分析家,化验员( analyst的名词复数 ) 参考例句:
    City analysts forecast huge profits this year. 伦敦金融分析家预测今年的利润非常丰厚。
    I was impressed by the high calibre of the researchers and analysts. 研究人员和分析人员的高素质给我留下了深刻印象。
    7 sector      n.部门,部分;防御地段,防区;扇形 参考例句:
    The export sector will aid the economic recovery. 出口产业将促进经济复苏。
    The enemy have attacked the British sector.敌人已进攻英国防区。

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