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    The US space agency has ordered a series of emergency spacewalks to carry out repairs on a broken cooling line at the International Space Station.
    The loops help cool internal and external equipment
    Nasa said the work to replace a faulty pump module1 would require two astronauts and three spacewalks - the first of which is planned for Saturday.   Half of the cooling system automatically shut down last week after detecting abnormal temperatures.   Nasa said the situation was potentially serious but not life-threatening.    The pump is associated with one of the station's two external cooling loops, Nasa said in a statement.   The two external cooling loops circulate ammonia(氨) outside the station to keep both internal and external equipment cool.    Nasa said the repairs would take priority over the launch of a supply ship from Virginia, which has now been postponed2 until January.   Each spacewalk is scheduled to last six-and-a-half hours and will be broadcast on Nasa TV.   Nasa said last week that it suspected a malfunction3 had affected4 a flow control valve inside the pump itself.   The teams moved certain electrical systems over to the second loop, but the space agency stressed that the crew and the station were in no danger.   Some non-critical systems were powered down inside the Harmony node, the Kibo laboratory and the Columbus laboratory whilst engineers worked to figure out what had caused the problem and how to fix it.
    1 module      n.组件,模块,模件;(航天器的)舱 参考例句:
    The centre module displays traffic guidance information.中央模块显示交通引导信息。
    Two large tanks in the service module held liquid oxygen.服务舱的两个大气瓶中装有液态氧。
    2 postponed      vt.& vi.延期,缓办,(使)延迟vt.把…放在次要地位;[语]把…放在后面(或句尾)vi.(疟疾等)延缓发作(或复发) 参考例句:
    The trial was postponed indefinitely. 审讯无限期延迟。
    The game has already been postponed three times. 这场比赛已经三度延期了。
    3 malfunction      vi.发生功能故障,发生故障,显示机能失常 参考例句:
    There must have been a netputer malfunction.一定是出了电脑故障。
    Results have been delayed owing to a malfunction in the netputer.由于电脑发生故障,计算结果推迟了。
    4 affected      adj.不自然的,假装的 参考例句:
    She showed an affected interest in our subject.她假装对我们的课题感到兴趣。
    His manners are affected.他的态度不自然。

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