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    The Asia Pacific region1 has outperformed the rest of the world when it netes to wage growth, according to an International Labour Organisation2 (ILO) report.
    世界劳工组织的一项报告显示,亚太地区在薪酬涨幅方面表现亮眼,领先全球。   Annual average innetes rose 6% in the region, netpared to a global average growth of 2% in 2013.   Wages in China have risen the fastest, up 9%, according to the UN body.   But despite the big gains, wages in many countries in the region were still much lower than in developed economies.   Even though wages in Asia have risen almost two-and-a-half fold since the beginning of the century, the report said "one third of the region's workers remain unable to lift themselves and their families above the international poverty threshold3 of $2 per day".   The impact4 of the global financial crisis5 on wage growth can also still be seen in the region.   The current wage growth trend of about 6% is still below growth rates of more than 7% in the pre-crisis years of 2006 and 2007.   But, that mirrored wage growth in much of the developed world with workers in rich economies like the UK, Italy and Japan earning less than they did in 2007.   The region's growth in wages was also driven by China, its largest economy, with innete growth elsewhere6 "much more modest".   For example, wage growth in East Asia was 7.1% last year thanks to China, netpared to 5.3% in Southeast Asia and 2.4% in South Asia, which includes the region's third largest economy, India.
    1 region      n.地区,地带,区域;范围,幅度 参考例句:
    The students went to study the geology of that region.学生们去研究那个地区的地质情况。
    It is unusual to see snow in this region.这个地区难得见到雪。
    2 organisation      n.组织,安排,团体,有机休 参考例句:
    The method of his organisation work is worth netmending.他的组织工作的方法值得称道。
    His application for membership of the organisation was rejected.他想要加入该组织的申请遭到了拒绝。
    3 threshold      n.界限,门槛,入口,开端 参考例句:
    I'll never cross the threshold of your house again.我再也不进你的家门了。
    He stopped at the threshold of the bedroom.他在卧室门口停住了。
    4 impact      n.冲击,碰撞;影响;vt.装紧,压紧 参考例句:
    The netputer had made a great impact on modern life.计算机对现代生活产生了巨大的影响.
    How will the war impact on such a poet?战争对这样一个诗人会产生什么影响?
    5 crisis      n.危机,危急关头,决定性时刻,关键阶段 参考例句:
    He had proved that he could be relied on in a crisis.他已表明,在紧要关头他是可以信赖的。
    The topic today centers about the crisis in the Middle East.今天课题的中心是中东危机。
    6 elsewhere      adv.在别处,到别处 参考例句:
    Our favourite restaurant was full so we had to go elsewhere.我们最喜欢去的那家饭店客满了,因此不得不改去别处。
    I have half a mind to move elsewhere.我有点想搬到别处去。

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