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    China's e-netmerce giant JD.net has signed a framework agreement with Intel to set up a joint1 innovation laboratory to explore "real sense" shopping online.
    中国电商巨头京东与英特尔签署一项框架协定,将建立一座联合创新实验室探索网上购物的“真切感”。   Under the deal, the two Nasdaq-listed firms will develop applications such as 3D product displays and visual fitting rooms for JD.net.   Other collaborative projects pending2 for the next two years include smart hardware as well as plans to develop tailor-made servers for corporate3 customers to help them promote online sales of their products.   JD.net is one of four Chinese firms among the world's top-10 Internet netpanies, by market value.    It now has 25 million registered users and 6-thousand suppliers nationwide.
    1 joint      adj.联合的,共同的;n.关节,接合处;v.连接,贴合 参考例句:
    I had a bad fall,which put my shoulder out of joint.我重重地摔了一跤,肩膀脱臼了。
    We wrote a letter in joint names.我们联名写了封信。
    2 pending      prep.直到,等待…期间;adj.待定的;迫近的 参考例句:
    The lawsuit is still pending in the state court.这案子仍在州法庭等待定夺。
    He knew my examination was pending.他知道我就要考试了。
    3 corporate      adj.共同的,全体的;公司的,企业的 参考例句:
    This is our corporate responsibility.这是我们共同的责任。
    His corporate's life will be as short as a rabbit's tail.他的公司的寿命是兔子尾巴长不了。

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