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    The market value of Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has been estimated at 45 billion U.S. dollars, following the netpany's 1 billion US dollar fundraising last week.
    That's more than a four-fold increase in valuation since its previous round of fundraising in August of last year.    Lei Jun, founder1 and CEO of Xiaomi, says the netpany will unveil a new heavyweight flagship product next month.    Xiaomi became the world's third-largest vendor2 behind Samsung and Apple, shipping3 18 million smartphones in the third quarter. That's an increase of 18 percent from the previous quarter.    It expects to sell 65 million phones for the whole year.
    1 Founder      n.创始者,缔造者 参考例句:
    He was extolled as the founder of their Florentine school.他被称颂为佛罗伦萨画派的鼻祖。
    According to the old tradition,Romulus was the founder of Rome.按照古老的传说,罗穆卢斯是古罗马的建国者。
    2 vendor      n.卖主;小贩 参考例句:
    She looked at the vendor who cheated her the other day with distaste.她厌恶地望着那个前几天曾经欺骗过她的小贩。
    He must inform the vendor immediately.他必须立即通知卖方。
    3 shipping      n.船运(发货,运输,乘船) 参考例句:
    We struck a bargain with an American shipping firm.我们和一家美国船运公司谈成了一笔生意。
    There's a shipping charge of £5 added to the price.价格之外另加五英镑运输费。

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