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    Alipay is launching its own virtual credit card service.
    The service will allow users to pay their online purchases on credit.   Users will have 20 days to pay off the balance.   Alipay is going to offer a line of credit of up to 5-thousand yuan per account.   The credit will be based on the individual's previous online shopping data.   Overdue1 payments will be only charged 0.05-percent per day.    A date for the launch of the new service has yet to be announced.
    1 overdue      adj.过期的,到期未付的;早该有的,迟到的 参考例句:
    The plane is overdue and has been delayed by the bad weather.飞机晚点了,被坏天气耽搁了。
    The landlady is angry because the rent is overdue.女房东生气了,因为房租过期未付。

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