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    Jennifer Lawrence is Forbes' top-grossing actor of 2014.
    Throughout the year, Lawrence's films -- including blockbusters "Mockingjay" and "X-Men: Days of Future Past" -- have brought in $1.4 billion at the box office worldwide. According to Forbes, that number will grow even more as "Mockingjay" continues its theatrical1 run.   This is a big jump in the rankings for Lawrence, who last year snagged the final spot in the top ten with a gross of $700 million. The number one spot in 2013 was filled by Dwayne Johnson, who brought in $1.3 billion.   The ranking netes on the heels of recently released information from the Sony leaks that Lawrence was paid less than her male co-stars for her work in "American Hustle2" -- a revelation that falls in line with the greater gender3 gap that continues to persist in Hollywood.   Rounding out the top five of 2014's list include Chris Pratt, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Wahlberg and Chris Evans.   For more, head over to Forbes.
    1 theatrical      adj.剧场的,演戏的;做戏似的,做作的 参考例句:
    The final scene was dismayingly lacking in theatrical effect.最后一场缺乏戏剧效果,叫人失望。
    She always makes some theatrical gesture.她老在做些夸张的手势。
    2 hustle      v.推搡;竭力兜售或获取;催促;n.奔忙(碌) 参考例句:
    It seems that he enjoys the hustle and bustle of life in the big city.看起来他似乎很喜欢大城市的热闹繁忙的生活。
    I had to hustle through the crowded street.我不得不挤过拥挤的街道。
    3 gender      n.(生理上的)性,(名词、代词等的)性 参考例句:
    French differs from English in having gender for all nouns.法语不同于英语,所有的名词都有性。
    Women are sometimes denied opportunities solely because of their gender.妇女有时仅仅因为性别而无法获得种种机会。

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