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    President Barack Obama plans to call for increased American investment in Africa during his visit to Kenya this week. Investment is important for creating much needed jobs in African countries.Obama administration officials say nearly half of all jobs created in those nations are from small businesses -- many of them owned by women.

    So, business programs targeting women can make a difference. In Rwanda, many people suffered in ethnic violence more than 20 years ago.

    The Rwandan genocide destroyed families - and left many women to provide for themselves.Today, one Rwandan handicraft exporter has changed the lives of thousands of women with the help of the United States.

    Janet Nkubana and her sister devised a way to help Rwandan women become self-reliant. They sell their hand-made baskets overseas to large U.S. stores like Macy's through her handicraft export company, Gahaya Links.

    "We have actually empowered 3,000 women in Rwandan communities."

    Janet Nkubana credits the 2000 African Growth and Opportunity Act for opening U.S. markets to African entrepreneurs like her. She also says the government-supported U.S. Africa Development Foundation gave her money and the training needed to launch her business 10years ago.

    Jack Leslie is chairman of the U.S. Africa Development Foundation. He says his organization's aim is to work with under served people in Africa. He notes that small business creates about 50percent of the jobs on the continent.

    "Africa, to give you a sense, only gets about three percent of foreign direct investment."

    Mr. Leslie says President Obama's speech in Nairobi at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit will bring the world's attention to a new wave of economic activity in Africa.

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