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    Do you remember Mr Hzissein? He's the man from the Gulf Trading Company. At the moment he is staying at the Plaza Hotel in Dongali. He's staying there because his company is opening a new office in L'.Iongali.lIe has to make sure everything is ready for the opening. He has to order all the office equipment they will need.And he is ordering all the equipment from Modern Office limited. Today Mr Ballito,the Managing Director of Modern Office Limited, wants to see Mr Hussein to check his order. Here he is asking Opal to telephone the Plaza Hotel.

    MR BALLITO: Opal,I'd like to see Mr Hussein this afternoon. Would you phone him at Plaza Hotel, Room 246 and ask him if he's free to come to the office at 4 o'clock.

    OPAL: Four o'clock, certainly, Mr gallito. And shall I leave a message with the receptionist if he's out?

    MR BALLITO:Yes, leave a message. Ask him to phone you when he comes in. I think he usually goes back to the hotel for lunch.

    OPAL: Very well, Mr Ballito. Are you going to lunch now?

    MR BALLITO:Yes. If anyone calls while I'm out, please make a note for me.

    OPAL: Certainly, Mr Ballito. Goodbye.

    MR BALLITO:Goodbye, Opal.


    OPAL: (TO HERSELF) Now, what's the number of the Plaza? Ah! Here it is …… double three, one, four, eight.


    ROSE: Switchboard.

    OPAL: Would you give me an outside line, please.

    ROSE: Certainly.(CRACKLE) Oh, just a minute Opal. That was a bad line.I'll try and get another one for you.(DIALLING TONE)There you are.

    OPAL: Thank you. Three Three One Four Eight. (ENGAGED TONE) Oh it's engaged. Do they have another number?

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