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    Making telephone calls is an important part a secretary's work. When Mr Shelli wants to speak to someone on the telephone, Maria gets the call for him. Today Mr Shelli wants to talk to. Mr Kola of the National Bank. Here he is asking Maria to get the call for him.

    MR SHELLI: I'd like to speak to Mr Kola of the National Bank, would you get him on the phone,please?

    MARIA: Certainly, I'll do it at once, Mr Shelli. (TO HERSELF) Now what's Mr Kola's number? Ah,here it is …… five, three, zero,double six. (LIFTS PHONE)

    ROSE: Switchboard, can I help you?

    MARIA: Good morning, Rose. Maria here.Could I have an outside line,please?

    ROSE: Oh, hello, Maria. Hold the line a moment.(DIALLING)There you are, you've an outside line now, you can hear the dialling tone.

    MARIA: Thank you. (TO HERSELF) Five, three, zero, six, six.(RINGING)

    2ND OPERATOR: National Bank.Good morning,can I help you?

    MARIA: Good morning, would you put me through to Mr Kola please?

    2ND OPERATOR: MR Kola? Certainly. Who's calling him?

    MARIA:Mr Shelli of Modern Office Limited would like to speak to him.

    2ND OPERATOR: Thank you. Hold the line, please.(PHONE)

    MR KOLA: Kola speaking.

    2ND OPERATOR: Good morning, Mr Kola. I have a call for you from Mr Shelli of Modern Office Limited.

    MR KOLA: Thank you, Operator, put him through, please.

    MARIA: Mr Kola?

    MR KOLA: Kola speaking.

    MARIA:Oh, good morning, Mr Kola. Mr Shelli is calling you. Would you hold the linea moment please. I'll hand you over. Mr Shelli?

    MR SHELLI: Yes

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