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    Mr Ballito, the Managing Director of Modern Office Limited often has to make international telephone calls to his customers in other countries.Today he asks his Secretary Opal to book a call to Mr Frascati in Rome.

    MR BALLITO: I'd like to speak to Mr Frascati in Rome at about 11.00our time. Would you book a call to him, please, Opal.

    OPAL:Certainly, Mr Ballito. I'll ask Rose to connect me with the International Operator and book the call. Shall I make it a personal call?

    MR BALLITO: Yes, I think so. It's a waste of money to pay for the call if Mr Frascati is out. Do you know the number?

    OPAL:Yes, I have it here. It's Rome 35 56 75.


    ROSE: Switchboard.

    OPAL:Oh good morning, Rose, would you put me through to the International Operator, please. I want to book a call to Rome for Mr Ballito.

    ROSE: Certainly, I' m putting you through now.(CLICK RINGING)It's ringing now, Opal.

    OPAL:Thank you ……


    INTERNATIONAL OPERATOR:International Operator.

    OPAL:Good morning. I'd like to book a personal call to Rome, please.This is Dongali 52364, Modern Office Limited.

    INTERNATIONAL OPERATOR:Dongali, 52 364.What number in Rome, please.

    OPAL:Rome 35 56 75.

    INTERNATIONAL OPERATOR:35 56 75 …… what name?

    OPAL:Mr Frascati.

    INTERNATIONAL OPERATOR:Rome 35 56 75, Mr Frascati.

    OPAL:Yes, that' s right. Can I book the call for 11-00?

    INTERNATIONAL OPERATOR: 11:00 yes, that should be all right. I'll ring you b

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