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Taking and Passing MessagesI


    Today Mr Ballito telephones Mr Kola at the National Bank. He want,? Mr Kola to give Melita a reference. Mr Kola can't tell him everything immediately. He'll have to look up the information in Melita's personal file and he'll ring back-. Here's Mr Ballito phoneng Mr Kola at the National Bank.

    OPERATOR: Good morning, this is the National Bank. Can I help you?

    MR BALLITO: Good morning, would you put me through to Mr Kola, please?

    OPERATOR: Mr Kola? Who's calling him,please?

    MR BALLITO: My name's Ballito……I'm Managing Director of modern Office Limited.

    OPERATOR: Hold the line, please Mr Ballito, I'll see if Mr Kola' s free. (CLICKS) I'm putting you through to Mr Kola now.

    MR KOLA: Hello, Kola here.

    MR BALLITO: Oh, Ballito speaking. Mr Kola, you have a shorthandtypist named Melita Fagurian on your staff.

    MR KOLA: Yes?

    MR BALLITO: Well, she's applied for a job here as junior Secretary and we'd like to give it to her. Could you give her a reference?

    MR KOLA: Yes, it will be a pleasure.What would you like to know about her?

    MR BALLITO: How long has she been working at the Bank?

    MR KOLA: Oh, I'll have to look that up in her personal file. What else do you want to know?

    MR BALLITO: I'd like a report on her attendance and her punctuality. Tell me about her character and anything else you think I should know.

    MR KOLA: Well, Mr Ballito, as I said, I'll have to look all that up in her personal file. Do you want the references in writing or can I ring you back in half an hour?

    MR BALLITO: Oh,you can ring me back.If I'm not in the office, my secretary,Opal will

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