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Taking and Passing MessagesII


    Mr Kola rings back to dictate Melita's reference to Opal over the telephone. It is a report on Melita's work, attendance, punctuality and character. It is also a report on her ability and her hopes for the future. The reference is found satisfactory. And Melita gets the job. Here is Mr Kola dictating Melita's reference to Opal.

    MR KOLA: (ON TELEPHONE) Melita Fagurianhas worked here for two years as a shorthand typist. Her attendance has been very good ……

    You know Opal, she's been absent only once. She was away for three days …… I think she had a cold…… it wasn' t anything serious. Oh, er …… have you got that?

    OPAL: Yes,Mr Kola. I've got (READS) Melita Fagurian, 19 years old, worked at the National Bank for two years. Her attendance was very good. In two years she was absent only three days.

    MR KOLA: Right. (DICTATES) She is honest and you can rely on her. She can use a duplicator and calculating machine…… She wants to learn as much as possible so that she can get a secretarial job …… Have you got all that, Opal?

    OPAL: Yes, Mr Kola. (READS) She's always been punctual, she's honest and reliable. Miss Fagurian can use a duplicator and a calculating machine …… And she's ambitious.

    MR KOLA: Yes,that is the right word for Melita'—— she is “ambitious”. Well, is there anything else you want to know. Opal?

    OPAL: No, I don't think so. Thank you,Mr Kola. Goodbye.

    MR KOLA: Goodbye.

    OPAL: (To SELF) Now I'll start by typing Melita's reference. I' d better take an extra copy. Melita Fagurian age 19 (SPOT, TYPEWRITER) …… has worked at the National Bank for two years. During this time herattendance and punctuality have been very good. She is honest and reliable. She can use a duplicator and a calculating machine …… Her am

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