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    锻炼身体的重要性 The Importance of Physical Exercise

    Everyone hopes to live happily in the world. Physical exercise is indispensable to a happy life. There is a famous saying: "Life lies on exercise." Although you will not necessarily die without regular physical exercises, they'll certainly help you live longer and more healthily.


    Exercise is good for us to build our bodies. It helps coordinate the different parts of our bodies when we have sports. For example, we must try our best to coordinate the movements of the arms and legs when we play basketball, or we won't be able to shoot the basket. Exercise also benefits our organs. It lets the heart beat faster than usual, and then helps enlarge the blood vessels to protect us from heart attacks.

    锻炼对我们的身体很好。运动的时候能够帮助我们 协调身体的各个部分, 例如,打篮球的时候我们必须尽力使手脚协调,否则我们不会投中篮。运动也有利于我们的器官。它让心跳比平时快,然后帮助扩大血管来预防心脏病。

    Exercise can also contribute to the development of our ability to response agilely. For instance, when you play table- tennis, you must try to reflect as quickly as you can so that you may fight back at the right position at the fight moment.


    Exercise can also contribute to improving our mood. When you do exercise, you move a lot, and you have to be more active. It helps you become more optimistic.



    Exercise will fill your life with various contents and make it more colorful.


    What's more, exercise will help you get rid of your inertia. If you keep d

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