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  He complained of a drawing pain in both groins and testicles,nocturia,burning on urination and the intermittent voiding of red-colored urine.


  一夜有2次小便have nocturia twice nightly (a night)

  这次住院时解出一个结石pass a stone on this admission

  小便浑浊one's urine is thick(colored)

  解出极浑浊,乳白色的尿the passage of highly turbid,milky urine

  频尿frequent urination(micturition)

  无法忍受的频尿intolerable frequency of urination

  终末性血尿terminal hematuria

  终末尿带有几滴血urine terminates with a few drops of blood

  排尿痛micturition pain

  解尿时左腰疼痛have pain in the left loin on micturition

  小便流势良好void with a good stream

  尿流细小small urinary stream

  常解少量的尿pass small amounts of urine frequently

  小便发生困难dysuria(inability to void)developed

  小便时非常的痛piss pins and needles

  变成失禁become incontinent

  患便尿失禁develop urinary and fecal incontinence

  把尿失禁完全治好obtain complete cure of incontinence

  不能把尿尽行解出be unable to void without residual urine


  His voiding was accompanied by severe burning,and he was greatly inconvenienced at work.


  He has a frequent desire to urinate,but only a few drops cone out each time.


  There was a decrease in libido but ejaculation was still present.

  发觉性欲减退note decreased libido

  发觉性欲渐减note gradual loss of libido

  性欲有些减退have some decrease in libido

  没有性欲have no libido

  性冷感be frigid(unaffectionate)sexually

  性欲正常libido is normal

  性要求过高(太低)be oversexed(undersexed)

  对于性交无热诚be unenthusiastic about intercourse

  性感不快已有几个月了had dyspareunia for a few months

  不起劲的性关系devitalized sexual relationship


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