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  一.Receiving the patient(接待病人)

  1.How do you do?/ Good morning!您好!(初次见面时使用)/早上好!

  2.What can I do for you?/Can I help you?您需要我帮助吗?

  3.I'll bring you to your bedside, please follow me. This is your bed……


  4.The toilet is over there.卫生间在那边

  5.We supply hot water.我们供应热水

  6.Please wait a moment. I'll let your doctor know. /I'll inform your doctor.请等一会儿,我去通知医生.

  7.Mary is the nurse /doctor in charge of you.玛丽是您的负责护士/医生

  8.Please let us know if you need any help.您需要帮助时,请告诉我们.

  9.Smoking is not allowed here.这里不允许吸烟

  二.information collection(收集信息)

  10.Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?您介意我问您几个问题吗?

  11.We need some information from you.我们需要从您这儿收集一些信息.

  12.Is your tummy still sore?您的肚子还疼吗?

  13.Does your pain come on after or before meals?您的疼痛是在饭前还是饭后发作?

  14.Does it hurt to pass urine?/when I press here?排尿时痛吗?/当我按压这儿时痛吗?

  15.Does your back ache?您的后背痛吗?

  16.Do your feet swell?您的脚肿了吗?

  17.Do you have a cough/fever?您咳嗽吗?/您有发热吗?

  18.Do you bring up any sputum?您咳痰吗?

  19.Is there any radiation of the pain ?(to the shoulder)有放射(到肩部的)痛吗?

  20.How long have you had the pain?您的痛有多长时间了?

  21.When did the pain start?/where is your pain?疼痛从什么时候开始的/什么地方疼痛?

  22.Are your periods regular?您的月经规则吗?

  三.Physical examination(查体)

  23.Will you please undress for medical examination?请您脱下衣服做体检好吗?

  24.Take off your clothes, please.请把衣服脱下来

  25.Lie down on the couch, please./Just lie still on the couch and relax.请躺在治疗床上./请安静地躺在治疗床上,放松.

  26.Bend your knees, please.请屈膝.

  27.Open your mouth and say 'ah“张开口,说:啊

  28.Beathe deeply, please./take a deep breath, please.请深呼吸

  29.May I examine your tummy, please?我要检查下您的肚子,好吗?

  30.Roll up your sleeves, please.请卷起袖子.


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