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  Liu Xiaobo, China’s most famous dissident and only winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, has been granted medical parole to be treated for final-stage liver cancer, according to his lawyer.

  中国最知名的异见人士、唯一的一位诺贝尔和平奖(Nobel Peace Prize)得主刘晓波已获批保外就医,以治疗晚期肝癌。

  Mr Liu, 61, who was sentenced to 11 years in prison in late 2009 for “subversion of state power”, has been released from jail to be treated in a non-prison hospital, Mo Shaoping told the Financial Times on Monday.


  He was arrested after writing “Charter 08”, a 2008 manifesto calling for constitutional reform and multi-party democracy that was signed by hundreds of intellectuals in China. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010, sparking a diplomatic rupture between China and Norway that was only repaired this year.

  刘晓波是在参与起草《零八宪章》(Charter 08)后被捕的。《零八宪章》是2008年的一份呼吁开展宪政改革和实行多党民主制的宣言,数百名中国知识分子在上面签了名。2010年,刘晓波获诺贝尔和平奖,导致中国和挪威外交关系恶化,双方的关系直到今年才修复。

  “Medical parole doesn’t mean a person is at liberty,” Mr Mo said. “It just means approval has been given for treatment outside the prison system because the prison medical system cannot treat the condition.”


  Mr Liu’s wife, Liu Xia, has been held under house arrest for many years with only occasional contact with friends after advocating for better treatment for her husband. Before she was denied most contact with the outside world, she complained of depression due to her social isolation and anxiety over her husband.


  Ms Liu said in a 2010 interview that hospital medical exams showed Mr Liu had a liver condition.


  Mr Liu, a Beijing-based scholar of Chinese literature, gained fame for his sharp literary criticism

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