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  The first time could have been chalked up to charming idiosyncrasy. The second seemed like an effort to bring some levity to a complicated situation. But the third and fourth (and fifth and so on) times that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada wore themed socks on a public occasion, it seemed clear that something more calculated was going on.

  第一次可以归为可爱的癖好。第二次像是企图给错综复杂的局面带来一点轻快。但加拿大总理贾斯汀·特鲁多(Justin Trudeau)第三和第四(第五以及更多)次在政治场合穿主题袜子,似乎清楚表明这其中有更蓄意的成分。

  You’ve heard of fashion diplomacy, or frock diplomacy? The practice whereby a female politician, or the wife of a world leader, uses clothing to convey unspoken messages about a platform or position, or as a form of outreach?


  Well, this is clearly sock diplomacy. It’s a new tactic in the political playbook.


  And it reached an apogee of sorts on Sunday, when Mr. Trudeau marched in Toronto’s Gay Pride Parade wearing a rainbow-striped pair printed with the words “Eid Mubarak” in recognition of the Islamic festival that marks the end of Ramadan, and which coincided with this year’s parade. Yes, he honored two communities with one pair of socks. And he did so while also supporting local industry: They were made by a Toronto-based company, Halal Socks, and cost $14.99. All that doesn’t happen by accident.

  上周日,这种战术似乎达到了某种顶峰,当时特鲁多穿着一对彩色条纹图案的袜子,出现在多伦多同性恋骄傲游行的队伍中,袜子上印着“Eid Mubarak”(开斋节快乐)的字样,旨在欢庆标志着斋月结束的伊斯兰节日,该节日碰巧与今年的游行是同一天。没错,他以一双袜子同时向两个群体致了敬。与此同时他还支持了本地产业:那双袜子是由总部在多伦多的公司清真袜业(Halal Socks)生产,价值14.99美元。所有这一切并非偶然。

  It also followed closely on an appearance in regular rainbow socks for a Pride flag-raising on June 14 in Ottawa, and one on the syndicated TV show “Live with Kelly and Ryan” on June 5 in patriotic maple leaf socks — which he also wore in 2015 at a gathering of Canada’s provincial heads of government.


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