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Could you please tell me where the restrooms are教案1

    Ⅰ. Teaching Aims and Demands
    1. Knowledge Objects
    (1) Key Vocabulary
    restroom, shampoo, stamp
    (2) Target Language
    Excuse me. Can you please tell me where I can get a dictionary?
    Sure. There's a bookstore on River Road.
    2. Ability Objects
    (1)Train students' listening ability.
    (2)Train students' communicative competence.
    3. Moral Object
    Helping each other is very important. It is a good quality.
    Ⅱ. Teaching Key Point
    Target Language
    Ⅲ. Teaching Difficult Points
    1. How to train students' listening ability.
    2. How to train students' communicative competence.
    Ⅳ. Teaching Procedures
    Step Ⅰ Revision
    T: You're new to this school. You need to know where the main office is.How can you ask where the main office is?
    S1: Where's the main office?
    T: That's one way to ask. But there is a more polite way you can ask. You can say, "Can you tell me where the main office is?" Class repeat. Can you tell me where the main office is?
    Ss: Can you tell me where the main office is?
    T: That's correct. Now let's say you want to know where Classroom 1 is. How can you ask?
    S2: Can you tell me where Classroom 1 is?
    T: Good! There's another polite way you can ask: Could you tell me how to get to Classroom 1? Class repeat. Could you tell me how to get to Classroom 1?
    Ss: Could you tell me how to get to Classroom 1?
    T: That's right. Very good.
    Step Ⅱ 1a
    Go through the instructions with the class.
    Read the list of things to the class. To review the meaning of each item on the list, invite different students to say each phrase in their own words.
    Point to the lettered parts of the picture one by one.
    Ask a student: What kind of place is this?
    What do they sell there? Do we have one in our community? What is the name of the one in our community?
    Point out the sample answer. Say, The letter c is in front of the words buy shampoo because you could buy shampoo in a department store. There may be more than one correct answer for some blanks.
    While students are working, move around the room offering help as necessary.
    Step Ⅲ 1b
    Read the instructions to students. Point out the two conversations that are shown in the picture.
    As you listen, fill in the blanks with words you hear in the recording.
    Play the recording the first time.Students only listen.
    Play the recording a second time.This time ask them to fill in the blanks with the words you hear.
    Check the answers with the whole class.
    Step Ⅳ 1c
    Read the instructions to the class.
    Point out the list of things people need and the pictures of the places in activity 1a. Say. Look at activity la. Have a conversation with a partner. Ask your parter politely where you can do these thing and then answer your partner's questions.
    As students work, listen to some pairs in order to check the progress and help with pronunciation as needed.
    After students have had a chance to practise several exchanges, ask some pairs to come to the front of the classroom and act out their conversations.
    Step Ⅴ Homework
    Review the target language.

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