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Could you please tell me where the restrooms are教案2

    Ⅰ. Teaching Aims and Demands
    1. Knowledge Objects
    (1) Key Vocabulary
    escalator, furniture, exchange money, elevator
    (2) Target Language
    Excuse me. Do you know where I can exchange money?
    Sure. There's a bank on the second
    floor. Take the escalator to the second floor and turn right. The bank is next to the bookstore.
    2. Ability Objects
    (1)Train students' listening ability.
    (2)Train students' communicative competence.
    3. Moral Objects
    If someone asks you how to get to the place he wants to go to, you should tell him the way correctly.
    Ⅱ. Teaching Key Points
    1. Key Vocabulary
    exchange money
    2. Target Language
    Excuse me. Do you know where I can exchange money?
    Sure. There's a bank on the second floor.
    3. Structures
    Do you know where I can buy shampoo?
    Could you tell me how to get to the post office?
    Can you please tell me where I can get a dictionary?
    Ⅲ. Teaching Difficult Points
    1. Indirect questions.
    2. How to improve students' listening ability.
    Ⅳ.Teaching Procedures
    Step Ⅰ Revision
    Check homework.
    Step Ⅱ 2a
    Read the instructions and point to the list of directions.
    Get students to name the items in the picture such as escalator, elevator, shoe store, and so on.
    Play the recording. Students only listen.
    Tell them that the picture may help them understand what they are hearing.
    Play the recording again. This time ask students to write a number next to four of the directions.
    Check the answers with the whole class.
    Step Ⅲ 2b
    Point to the picture. Say, now you will hear the recording again. This time show where the boy went as he followed the directions to the drug store. Draw a line on the picture in your book.
    Play the recording again and ask students to draw the line on their own. Check the answer with the class.
    Step Ⅳ 2c
    Ask a pair of students to read the sample conversation aloud to the class.
    Read the instructions aloud. Say. Make conversations using information about the places in the picture with your partners.
    As students work, move around the classroom checking the progress of the pairs and offering help as needed.
    Ask one or two pairs to say their conversations to the class. Ask the rest of the class to look at the picture as they listen.
    Step Ⅴ Homework
    Ask the students to write three sentences with the starters of the structures.

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