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Could you please tell me where the restrooms are教案5

    Ⅰ. Teaching Aims and Demands
    1. Knowledge Objects
    (1) Key Vocabulary
    water slide, clown, dress up, have fun
    (2) Practise reading an article.
    (3) Practise writing something using the target language.
    2. Ability Objects
    (1) Train students' reading ability.
    (2) Train students' writing ability.
    Ⅱ. Teaching Key Point
    Practise reading and writing using the target language.
    Ⅲ. Teaching Difficult Point
    How to write a guide to a place.
    Ⅳ. Teaching Procedures
    Step I Revision
    Review the target language presented in this unit. Check homework.
    Step Ⅱ 3a
    Invite a student to read the article aloud to the class. Correct any pronunciation errors to make sure the student is providing a good model for the rest of the class.
    Ask students to read the article again and complete the chart. Get students to do the work on their own or in pairs. As they work, move around the classroom and offer help as necessary. Check the answers.
    Step m 3b
    Read the instructions to the class. Point to the first two sentences and ask a student to read these sentences to the class.
    Look back at Activities 2a and 2b. Use this information to help you complete the guide to Sunville.
    Ask the students to complete the brochure on their own. As they work, walk around the classroom offering help and answering questions as needed.
    Invite a student to read the completed article to the class.
    Step Ⅳ 3c
    Read the instructions to the class.
    Ask students to say the names of some of the places they might write about. Write a list of these places on the board for students to use as they write their guides.
    Ask students to work on their own. Tell them that they can use what they wrote
    for activity 3b as a guide. They can write the guide for all tourists, teenagers, families, or people on a budget. As they work, move around the room offering help as needed. Correct the students' work. Ask some students to read their guides and correct them.
    Step Ⅴ Part 4
    Go through the instructions with the class.
    Get students to look back at the guides they wrote in Activity 3c.
    Ask students to work in groups of four or five students. Let different students play the role of the booth worker and the different tourists. Make sure every student has a chance to participate.
    Ask one or two groups to say one of their conversations to the class.
    Step Ⅵ Homework
    1. Read the article in 3a again.
    2. Write a guide to our city.

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