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Could you please tell me where the restrooms are教案6

    Ⅰ. Teaching Aims and Demands
    1. Knowledge Objects
    (1) Fill in blanks and make sentences using beautiful, safe, delicious, convenient, fascinating.
    (2)Write some questions using the target language.
    2. Ability Objects
    Train students' writing ability.
    Ⅱ. Teaching Key Points
    1. Fill in blanks and make sentences.
    2. Write questions using the target language.
    Ⅲ. Teaching Difficult Point
    Make sentences using "beautiful, safe, delicious, convenient, fascinating".
    Ⅳ.Teaching Procedures
    Step Ⅰ Revision
    Check homework. Ask a few students to read the article in 3a.
    Then ask a few students to read their guides.
    Step Ⅱ Part 1
    Look at the words in the box. Ask a student to read them. Make sure the students understand the meaning of the words. You are to fill in the blanks with the words. In some cases, students may need to use another form of the word, for example adjusting for tense or subject/ verb agreement.
    Ask students to fill in the blanks on their own.
    Check the answers.
    Step ⅢPart 2
    Go through the instructions with the class.
    Look at the example with the students.
    Ask students what the answer would be.
    Ask a student to read the question and answer it.
    Excuse me, could you tell me where the bank is, please?
    The bank is across the street from the shopping malt.
    Get students to complete the work in pairs.
    Check the answers. Ask a few students to read their questions.
    Step Ⅳ Just for Fun!
    Ask all the students to read the conversation. Ask: What is funny about this cartoon? Help students to explain. A Martian is a person from the planet Mars.
    There is no such thing as Martian food on Earth, and the clerk looks silly because he is trying to think of where there is a Martian restaurant.
    Invite some pairs of students to present this conversation to the rest of the class.
    Step Ⅴ Summary and Homework
    In this class, we've done much writing practice using the key vocabulary words and the target language presented in this unit. After class, please finish the questions in 2 in your exercise books. Then finish the exercises on pages 47~48 of the workbook as well.

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