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Could you please tell me where the restrooms are教案7

    Ⅰ Teaching Aims and Demands
    1. Knowledge Objects
    (1) Key Vocabulary
    image, adventure, jealousy, hero, crime, journey, brave, no longer, show interest
    in, take it easy, become interested in, plain looks
    Grown-ups like cartoons, too.
    2. Ability Objects
    (1) Fast-reading to get a general idea of the text.
    (2) Careful-reading to get the detailed information in the text.
    (3) Learn the words and phrases from the context.
    Ⅱ. Teaching Key Points
    1. Key vocabulary.
    2. Train students' reading and writing skills.
    Ⅲ. Teaching Difficult Point
    Train students' reading and writing skills.
    Ⅳ. Teaching Procedures
    Step I Key Vocabulary
    Say the words and have students repeat them again and again until they can pronounce them fluently and accurately.
    Step Ⅱ Part 1
    Read the title Grown-ups like cartoons, too. To the class. Ask, what do you think the article is about?
    Look at the picture. Ask students to describe what is happening in the picture.
    Ask students to answer the five questions. But don't look at the reading text.
    Instead, they use their background knowledge to try to answer the questions. As students work, walk around, looking at their progress.
    When most students finish the task, ask students to answer the questions with a parter.
    Elicit answers from the students. Ask if other students have the same or different answers. Do not give the correct answers to the students at this point. Wait until students have finished the reading and let them revise their answers accordingly.
    Step Ⅲ Part 2
    Read the text quickly, then summarize each paragraph in your own words. As the students are doing this, move around the classroom to make sure they can do the task in English.
    Ask five students to report their answers.
    Draw students' attention to the instructions.
    Ask students to complete the task individually or in pairs.
    As they work, walk around the classroom to make sure students discuss their reasons in English.
    Have students report their answers. Encourage students to use complete sentences.
    Step Ⅳ Part 3
    Point to the story. Look at the words indicated in bold. Ask different students to guess the meaning. Don't give them the correct answers. Ask students to read the article once. Say, pay attention to the bold words and expressions. And note any other words or sentences, you don't understand. Read in context, guessing their meanings from the other words around them. Ask students to read the article again for comprehension.
    Read the instructions with the students and have them look at the example. Then ask students to match the correct meanings with the correct words and expressions. Allow them one or two minutes to do this.
    Check the answers:
    Get students to make sentences with the words and expressions. Remind them to look at the article again for extra help.
    Answers to this activity will vary. Then ask a students to write his/her answers on the blackboard. Help correct any mistakes.
    Step Ⅴ Part 4
    Read the instructions to the class. Elicit the first answer from the students from memory. Make sure that they understand what they need to do.
    Ask students to do the activity on their own or in pairs. As they work, walk around the classroom offering help students may need.
    Check the answers.
    Step Ⅵ Part 5
    Read the task with the students.
    Ask students to do the activity in small groups. Try to put creative and artistic students in each group.
    Check the answers and have students show or act out their cartoons for the class.
    Optional activity
    As an optional in-class or homework activity, remind students to find some cartoons and cut out the speech bubbles.
    Students can then write their own English stories in the speech bubbles.
    Step Ⅶ Homework
    1. Read the story in 2 again for further comprehension.
    2. Revise the target language in this unit.

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