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A New Newspaper教案2

    Teaching Objectives:
    Knowledge objectives:
    1.To help the students know that newspapers have different sections.
    2.To help the students know that to make a newspaper we need a chief editor, a secretory and some other editors.
    Ability objectives:
    To develop students'speaking and listening abilities.
    Moral objectives:
    1.To encourage students to read more and learn more.
    2.To cultivate students'love for our country.
    Language focus and difficult points:
    1.To grasp the main phrases in the text.
    2.To grasp the main ide a of the text.
    Teaching Methods:
    1.Task-based approach
    2.Communicative approach
    3.Situational approach
    Teaching procedure:
    I.Pre-task  preparation
    1. To enjoy a nice English song
    2. To have a daily talk:  What do you usually do after supper?
    T: Do you like the music?
    Ss: Yes
    T: Me,too. In fact, I like music very much. I listen to music every  day after supper. Thus, I can relax myself very well. How about you? What do you do after supper?
    S1: I do my homework.
    S2: I watch cartoons.
    S3: I take a walk.
    …   …
    T: Do any of you read newspapers?( To present the title: A new Newspaper )
    T: I think it is very good to read newspapers after supper. You can not only relax yourself but also know more about our cou ntry and the outside world.
    3. To ask students to name some newspapers.
    ( To show the slide )T: We know there are different kinds of newspapers. Can you name some?[来源:Z#xx#k.Com]
    Ss: WenHui Daily; JieFang Daily; XinMing Evening Newspaper; Times; Shanghai Students'Post; 21st Century Teens; FengXian Newspaper; LiangYou Newspaper; Technology Newspaper; Family Education Newspaper; the Young Master; China Daily; Sports Newspaper; Shenjiang Guide Newspaper; TV Guide Newspaper; Labor Daily……[来源:Z,xx,k.Com]
    4. To ask students to list the different items one can find in a newspaper.
    T: ( To point at the picture ) You see, each newspaper has different sections. Which items can we find in a newspaper?
    Ss: Local news; world news; letters; people; sports; weather forcasts; advertisements; announcements; tourist guides; pictures; stories; TV schedules; business information, etc.
    II.While-task procedure
    1.To deal with Reading A.
    T: ( To show the slide ) Here are some pictures and headlines from a newspaper. Tell me which sections they come from?
    ( Keys: Picturea: Sports; Pb: World news; Pc: People; Pd: Letters; Pe: Local news )
    2. To deal with the text.
    T: We usually only read newspapers. Have you ever thought about making your own Newspapers?
    Ss: No.
    T: But some students of Grade Eight at Mayfield School want to publish a new newspaper. Now let's listen to their stories. You'll meet some  new phrases in the text. Before listening, let's go through them.
    A.To have them learn some main phrases in the text.
    1. hold a meeting  开会[来源:Zxxk.Com]
    2. be at a meeting  在开会
    3. vote for sb.  投票选举某人
    4. elect sb. to be the chief editor   选某人为主编
    5. take charge of   负责主持
    6. ought to => should   应该
    7. ask for suggestions   征求建议
    8. take notes   做记录
    9. be responsible for   对……负责
    10. talk over =>discuss    讨论
    11. be free to readers    对读者免费
    12. make a decision     作决定
    13. agree to  conc lude    同意结束
    14. in one week's time    在一周的时间内
    B. To listen to the recording of the first five paragraphs.(Twice):
    To tell whether the following statements are True or False*.
    1. Some Grade8 students at Mayfield School wanted to publish a newspaper at the end of the term. ( F )
    2.They elected Tony to be the chief editor beca

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