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A New Newspaper教案3

    I. Words and Expressions
    1. brief  adj. 简要的  briefly  adv. 简要地
    can you give us  a brief introduction? 你能简单的介绍一下你自己吗?
    Briefly, you are fired. 一句话,你被解雇了。
    2. choice  n. 选择 choose  v. 选择
    We have to choose a new manger among them. 我们要从他们中选一位新的经理。
    If I had the choice, I would retire now. 如果我有选择的话,我马上退休。[来源:学|科|网]
    3. election  n. 选举  elect  v. 选举
    Tom is standing for election. We elect him chairma n  of the club. 汤姆是候选人,我们选他为俱乐部主席。
    4. reader  n. 读者  read  v. 读、看  reading  n. 阅读,读物[来源:学科网]
    Some of the readers like to read books in the r eading-room. 一些读者喜 欢 在阅览室看书。
    5. freedom  n. 自由  free   adj. 自由的   freely  adv. 自由地
    The prisoner has no freedom in the jail. He can't walk freely there. 囚犯在狱中没有自由。他不可以随便走动。
    The ticket is free. 这票是免费的。[来源:学科网]
    6. agree on 同意,达成协议
    We couldn't agree on when to start. 我们对何时出发不能达成共识。
    7. make a decision 决定
    My parents made a decision about my future study at the family meeting. 父母在家庭会议上对于我今后的学业做也了决定。
    8. take charge of 负责
    Mr. Smith will take charge of our class next term. 下学期 史密斯先生将负责我们班。
    9. in one week's time 在一周内
    We will be back to school in one week's  time. 在一周内我们将回到学校。
    10. Youth League 共青团
    Have you joined the Youth League? 你入团了吗?
    II. Langu age Structure
    1. should 和ought to 用于劝告或建议,语气友善
    1) 都表示'义务''责任'。中文译作"应该"。
    2) 其否定形式为:shouldn't+动词原形;oughtn't to+ 动词原形
    They ought to  go tomorrow. 他们应该明天去。
    You shouldn't be so careles s. 你不该那么粗心。
    We should complete our papers in time. 我们应该按时完成考卷。[来源:学.科.网Z.X.X.K]
    2. 表示祝贺、赞美
    congratul ations! 祝贺你!
    Well done! 真不错!
    Y ou deserve to win! 你该赢的!
    That's wonderful news! 真是个好消息!
    I'm delighted for you! 我为你高兴!
    3. 表示同情[来源:学科网ZXXK]
    Oh, I am so rry! 对不起!
    What a shame! 真可惜!
    What a pity! 真可怜!
    That's terrible! 太可怕了!
    How awful! 多糟啊!
    III. Notes
    1. suggest that sb should do sth.建议……应做……
    I would suggest the tourists go to LiJiang for holiday in summer.
    2. 英语报纸的有关表达:
    1) Head Flag 报名:e.g. China Daily (中国日报); Shanghai Star(上海星报);21st Century (21世纪报); Shanghai Students' post(上海学生报)
    2) Layout 版面:e.g. fron t page; world news; business; letters; sports; features; TV schedules; etc.
    3) Leading story 本期主要内容
    4) Column or Section 栏目
    5) 办报人员:e.g. chief editor(主编); copy designer(版面设计); editor (编辑); reporter(记者); photographer(摄影记者)

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