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A New Newspaper教案6

    一   重点词汇
    chief editor n. 总编                    conclude v. 完成
    considered v.  仔细考虑做某事          decision n. 决定
    elect v.   选举                        experience n. 经验
    publish  v. 印刷                       secretary  n. 秘书
    sugges tions n. 建议                     took charge of (phrasal) v. 控制,掌握
    talk over (phrasal) v. 讨论                voted v. 投票选举
    competition n. 竞争                     inconsiderable adj. 不足取的
    self-discipline n. 自律                  celebrate v. 庆祝
    lip n. 嘴唇                              rally n. 集合[来源:学科网ZXXK]
    talent show n.  表演秀                   costume n. 戏装[来源:学科网]
    compliment n.  恭维,称赞               sympathy n. 同情
    deserve v.  应受,应得                   shame n. 羞耻
    awful adj. 糟糕的                        complain v. 抱怨
    二  重点句式[来源:学_科_网Z_X_X_K]
    1) Should/Ought to is used to make suggesti ons ab out what is best to do; express our strong belief that something is right and is our duty and correct errors and to say what is correct.
    Should/Ought to are modal verbs and do not take verbal endings. Remind students that oughted is an impossible f orm, as this is rather common mistake.
    2) point out the difference between article the referring to one special individual, and the indefinite article a/an, referring to any one of a number of similar individuals.
    三  教学建议
    a) R eading
    Take some kinds of newspaper into classroom, and then explain the difference between the local news and the world one. After this give example to explain what is the letter page, the peopl e section and the sports page. Finally read the text and do exercise.
    b) Listening
    Let students read through the text quietly first, and explain any words they may not understand. Tell them to look for possible errors (practicing the skill of the predict ion), but not to write anything on the text yet. Then play the recording right through. Students should correct the errors neatly, in pencil. If necessary, play the recording a second time. Get students to exchange their work and correct each other's answers.
    c) Language
    Pair work and "ask and answer questions" (according the picture on page95)
    d) Speaking
    e) Using English
    Making no tes is an important skill at which many students seem very i nefficient. The course aims to teach some of basic skills in a step-by-step approach. This chapter shows students how to omit words that are not es sential to the main ideas of the text. So in this section, remember that the main aim is to build up f luency and confidence. Maybe we have the sample answer, but answers will of course vary. We want stude nts to generate their own imaginative language, and not to stick  rigidly to set dialogues. Thus, we should praise any students who add new variations to the dialogue.
    f) Writing
    四  人文教育

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