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Mocky the juggler教案2

    Step 1 Warm up
    1. Sing the song: She's a doctor.
    2. Free talk:
    *Are you a student/pilot?
    Is he/she a student/pilot?
    How to spell pilot/student?
    Step 2.  Presentation
    juggle / juggler/teach
    * Look, what is he doing?
    He is playing.
    He is juggling and he is a juggler.
    Show the card "juggle".
    *This time, look at this word, what is it ?
    Show the card of "teacher".
    Have the students guess the verb form.
    Shows the card of teach.call:
    Dotheactionof call somebody.
    *Look, do you know what am I doing?
    I am calling.
    Show the word "call".
    Show the card and have the Ss say the former meaning.
    Show the new meaning.
    *Look, is he a farmer?
    Yes, he is.
    What does he do?
    He is a farmer.
    Read after the teacher.
    Consolidation by high and low voice.  Read one by one. 
    这里的巩固对话进行两至四组,what does he do 的问答多进行练习 Sing with the tape.
    Read after the teacher.
    Read one by one.
    Have the Ss guess the noun form of  juggle.
    Show the card "juggler".
    Repeat the procedure of "juggle".
    Read and spell after the teacher.
    Read and spell in rows.
    Read and spell after the teacher.
    Read and spell in lines.
    Have the Ss read and spell then recite this word.
    Read、spell and translate all the words after the teacher / together.
    *What do you do?
    Show the cards and have the Ss practice in pairs.
    Step 3.  Practice
    1. Let's chant: who is he?
    Listen to the tape.
    Chant and clap with the tape.
    2. Game: What do you do?(chain's game)
    *Supposed that it is twenty years later. I see you by accident and want to know your job.
    *What do you do?
    I'm a pilot.
    *What does he do?
    He is a pilot.
    3. Read and write
    Look at the picture and answer the teacher's question.
    *What can you see in the picture?
    What does she do?
    What does he do?
    Have the Ss finish the rest questions.
    Check the answers.
    Step 4. Summary
    1.Copy and recite the new words 4-1
    2.Copy the key sentences twice with translation twice
    3.Preview the text of unit 1
    4.Take a photo of your family to school next class student/nurse/policeman/vet/doctor/pilot/dancer (通过read、spell and translate的方式出示单词,让学生复习词汇拼读) 针对学生对话内容进行提问,让其他学生使用"What does he/she  
    do?""She/He is a..."进行问答,在练习句型的同时培养学生听的习惯的养成。
    通过本游戏使学生巩固新句型,并将句型活用到日常生活中 I am a doctor.
    Repeat the procedure of the last pattern.
    Read the sentences again.
    *What do you do?
    I'm a doctor.
    What does he do?
    He is a doctor.
    Practice in pairs.
    Listen to the tape.
    Chant and clap with the tape.
    Have the Ss practice in four-pension groups.
    I can see a girl.
    She is a dancer.
    He is a farmer.
    Chant together.

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