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A healthy life教案1

    The teaching materials of this period contain two parts.The first part is the reading passage on Page 22 titled HIV/AIDS:Are You at Risk? which is about what is HIV/AIDS,how it is contacted and how to protect oneself from getting the disease.The second part is the writing task on Page 24,which asks the students to wr ite a letter to Li Xiaolei to give her some advice on her problems.
    Knowledge and skills
    1.To enable the students to know something about what is HIV/AIDS,how it is contacted and how to protect oneself from gettin g the disease.
    2.To get the students to learn the following useful new words and structures:judgment(看法;判决;判断),awkward(局促不安的;笨拙的),It is/was...that/who...,be likely to.
    3.To help the students learn how to write a letter giving advice.[来源:Zxxk.Com]
    4.To foster the students' ability in skimming and looking up information in reference books and improve the students' reading ability.[来源:学科网]
    Process and methods
    Reading for specific information,summarizing,discussing and practicing.
    Emotion,attitude and value
    1.To arouse students' awareness of the harm caused by HIV/AIDS.
    2.To help students not to put  themselves at risk out of ignorance and take a sympathetic attitude towards those who already suffer from the disease instead of looking down upon them.
    1.The understanding of the reading passage.
    2.The following key sentences:
    (1)For a person to become infected,blood or sexual fluid that carries the virus,has to get inside the body through broken skin or by injection.
    (2)Here are some things you can do to make sure you stay safe.
    (3)It is only when the disease has progressed to AIDS that a person begins to look sick.
    (4)Women are slightly more likely to become infected than men.
    3.Teaching the students how to write a letter giving advice.
    Step 1 Revision
    Check the answers to the grammar exercises on Page 21 and explain the difficult ones.
    Step 2 Lead-in by reading the following sentences
    By the end of 2003,an estimated 42 million around the world were living with HIV/AIDS.
    During the year,5 million people became infected and an estimated 3 million people died.
    About one-third of people living with HIV/AIDS are 15-24 years of age.More than 7 million people in Asia and the Pacific are living with HIV/AIDS.
    Step 3 Pre-reading[来源:学,科,网][来源:学#科#网Z#X#X#K]
    It is likely that many students have incorrect information about the disease,so teachers should first get students to talk about something about HIV/AIDS by asking the following questions:Can ordinary people be at the risk of contracting HIV?In what way can people get infected?What measures can people take to protect themselves?Will people die if they have HIV?
    Step 4 Fast reading
    This passage can be divided into three sections.Scan the text and find out what's the main idea of each section.
    Section 1:_____________________________________________________________
    Section 2:________________________________________________________________
    Section 3:_______________________________________________________________
    Suggested answers:
    Section 1:Background information about what the disease is.
    Section 2:Ways to protect yourself.
    Section 3:To make some false beliefs disappear.

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