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    The teaching materials of this period contain two parts.The first part is the reading passage on Page 6 with the title of The Best of Manhatt an's Art Galleries,which introduces five best art galleries of Manhattan in New York.The second part is the Writing Task on Page 46,which asks the students to write a letter to the headmaster of the school asking for permission to improve the environment of their school by imitating the letter on Page 45.
    Knowledge and skills
    1.To enable the students to know something about the five best art galleries in Manhattan in New York.
    2.To get the students to learn the following useful new words and structures:consider,appeal to;It is+adj.+that clause,It is+noun+从句,It's a pity/shame that...(should)...
    3.To help the students learn how to write a letter asking for permission.
    4.To foster the students' ability in skimming and looking up inf ormation in reference books and improve the students' reading ability.
    Process and methods
    Reading for specific information,summarizing,discussing and practicing.
    Emotion,attitude and value
    1.To stimulate the students' love to galleries and artworks.
    2.To develop the students' sense of protecting the environment around them.
    1.The understanding of the reading passage.
    2.The following key sentences:
    (1)Many art lovers would rather visit this small art gallery than any other in New York.
    (2)Henry Clay Frick,a rich New Yorker,died in 1919,leaving his house,furniture and art collection to the American People.
    (3)The best way to see the paintings is to start from the top floor and walk down to the bottom.
    (4)It is amazing that so many great works of art from the late 19th century to the 21st century are housed in the same museum.
    3.Teaching the students how to write a letter asking for permission.
    Step 1 Revision
    Check the answers to the grammar exercises on Page 5 and explain the difficult ones.
    Step 2 Lead-in
    Give the students a specific situation for the students to think and talk about some famous galleries.You may begin like this "Imagine your class is going to Beijing Arts and Crafts Gallery,and you are the guide of the gallery.Please tell them what they will be able to see in the museum."
    Step 3 Pre-reading
    Give the students the following two questions for them to think about and answer.
    1.Do you know any Western art galleries?
    2.Have you ever been to any Western galleries before? If so,describe your visit.

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