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We love animals教案


  Teaching Content:B Let's learn Let's do Read

  Teaching Objectives:

  1、Knowledge objectives:

  (1)At the end of the class, students will be able to recognize and articulate “bird ,panda,monkey,elephant,tiger ,zoo” correctly.

  (2)Students will be able to do actions correctly according to commands.

  2、Abilities objectives:

  To train students to use the learned words in real life to express the familiar and favorite animals, and cultivate the ability to use the language correctly according to the situation.

  3、Emotional objectives:

  To cultivate students' sense of competition and cooperation, and develop students’ awareness of animal protection.

  Teaching key points:


  (2)能听懂let’s do中的指令,做出相应的动作。

  Teaching difficult points:

  elephant monkey bird panda tiger的发音。“elephant”是多音节单词,读音较长,学生不容易掌握。

  Teaching Procedures

  Step1 Preparation

  1.  lead-in:                                        (5mins)

  (1)Greeting to students:

  T: Hello,boys and girls!How are you?

  (2)Set a situation: T:Boys and girls,we are at the zoo now.You can see many animals at the zoo.(呈现zoo图片)Welcome to the zoo.There are many animals.Wow!Are you happy today?Let’s chant,OK?(播放课件:Look at the cat.It is fat.)!

  2.  Step2 Presentation                                 (15mins)

  1.show pictures of five animals body parts.

  T:Look and guess.What animals are they?

  S:It's a dog/an elephant/a bird/a monkey/a panda.

  2.T shows pic

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