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  a man, she will always occupy the most flexibility in your mind where you would like to use his life to love her; have a love, it allows you to request indiscriminately, to enjoy, but do not want you any return ... ... the man, called " mother ", a love, called" motherhood "!

  may 11 is mother's day, is our hearts forget the most difficult days. this festival is a mother's praise and praise, is to remind us always remember: thanksgiving our mother.

  mothers give us life experience, we are grateful; mother so that we grow, our gratitude; mother's education and guidance given to us so that we gain knowledge and strength, and we appreciate; in our life, there are always difficulties and setbacks the mother to care and help us, we should be grateful.

  thanksgiving is one of love, conscience, kindness, sense of responsibility and loyalty to the overall performance. difficult to imagine an endured sufferings did not support their parents grew up in filial piety, i wonder if in return, the teacher, students did not love and respect i do not know who his future with the company, what his country to assume responsibility? a non-patriotic, do not like home, people who do not love others, how can dedicated to building the motherland tomorrow?

  ad wrote that little boy for his mother's feet moving pieces can be in real life, and whether every child can take it? "en when the water drop to yongquan of" we may sometimes point people will care a strange obsession, but then turna blind eye mother's love and hate her nagging, or because of some small on the big fat (from the document about ) thunder ... ... however, the mother has always supported us in the side of the quiet, patient education, enlighten us and give us support and encouragement.

  mother as pure as jade, ivory carving as fine, by the water of life, maternal brewing pure and fragrant. we should cherish a grateful heart to hear her mother's nagging, sincere mother's stern face, understanding the inner world of the mother as the sun ... ...

  let us from now on, the mother from the beginning of filial piety, society thanksgiving! let us remember that the world shared his mother's birthday, for his mother wash feet, pounding a hammer for her hard work in the back, his mother a warm hug, a warm blessing, a look of grateful smiles! life in china, original pham van park

  in this warm day, i wish all mothers in the whole world - happy mother's day! a bunch of carnations, a "mother, you worked hard," can make the mother's cheek re-blossoming bright smile! let us a little more attentive and caring mother, mother and filling our home with happineand harmony, then we welcome a real grown up!

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