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  1. Make it vivid.1.让演示生动起来。

  Rather than abstract concepts (“reduces costs,” “increases productivity”) use concrete, real-life examples that carry emotional heft with the audience (“saved ABC $1 million,” “prevented XYZ from going bankrupt.”)与其用抽象的概念(诸如“降低成本”、“提高生产率”),不如使用一些具体真实的例子来带动观众的情绪。(比如“帮助ABC省下了1百万美元”、“防止了XYZ的破产”)

  2. Put your heart into it.2.全身心地投入进去。

  If you don't really believe in yourself, your firm, and its offerings, you'll persuade nobody. And it's not enough to simply believe… it must be obvious to the audience that you're a true believer。假如你并不真的相信你自己、你的公司以及他们给出的报价,那么你就没法劝服任何人。而且仅仅是简单地相信并不足够……必须明显地向观众表示你完全信任你的公司。

  3. Tell a story. 3.讲个故事。

  Humans use stories to order events so that they make sense to their daily lives. Your presentation should have a hero who overcomes obstacles to achieve a goal. BTW, the hero must be the customer, not you。人们会使用故事来讲述事件,这样才会显得和日常生活息息相关。你的presentation中必须有个英雄,他克服了一些困难并获得了最终的目标。顺便说句,你的这位英雄必须是顾客,而不是你。

  4. Personalize your examples.4.要举个性化的例子。

  A presentation should cause an emotional shift from being “undecided” to being “certain.” This is only possible if your presentation is relevant to your audience's work and life experiences。一个presentation必须能够造成观众从“不确定”到“确定”的情绪转变。只有当你的presentation和观众的工作生活相关时这才有可能做到。

  5. Make it a puzzle. 5.出个难题。

  If there's some mystery to your presentation, your audience will get involved solving it. So don't reveal everything up front, especially when you're telling a story. Let the story evolve into a meaningful ending。如果你的presentation里有个悬念,你的观众就会参与进来解决它,所以不要在一开始就把所有事都说出来,尤其是当你在讲一个故事的时候。让这个故事的结局变得更有意义。

  6. Use telling metaphors. 6.使用隐喻。

  Drawing parallels with the familiar helps the audience grasp complex ideas. Example: “Photolithography becomes problematic at 180nm.” Or, in other words, “It's like trying to draw a blueprint with a hunk of chalk.”用隐喻的手法讲述那些观众已知的事情可以帮助观众更好地理解复杂的概念。例子:“在180nm下,光刻法就会出现问题”,换句话说,“这就好像用一大块粉笔来画蓝图一般”。

  7. Force them to think.7.促使他们思考。

  True decision-makers are quickly bored by ideas and information that they already understand. Instead, they crave opportunities to exercise their brainpower to learn something new and insightful. 真正的决策者会很快对那些他们早已知道的想法和信息感到无聊。相反,他们渴望获得能够实践他们的脑力并学到新的和有见识的东西的机会。

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