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  Queensland launched the 'Best Job in the World' campaign on Jan 12, calling for video applications from people interested in a $100,000 contract to relax on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef for six months while writing a blog to promote the island。



  Helen Moores, chief buyer of world and speciality beers at Tesco, has a job that most men could only dream of. Ms Moores tastes beer. Often as early as 9.30am and is employed to drink – and swallow – beers from around the world. “Sometimes I sample more than 20 beers in a session – so I have to watch it. My boyfriend is very jealous of my job.”


  Tony McLaughlan would argue that his role as an electrician in Antarctica for the British Antarctic Survey is the best. The -50C temperatures and the fact that Mr McLaughlan is 9,000 miles from home in an almost uninhabitable wilderness mean that demand for an electrician will be low. However, the £23,000 salary, free food and paid rent meant that thousands of people jammed phone lines when the job was first advertised on the BBC。

  Tony McLaughlan也许不太同意他在南极为英国南极科考队做的工作是最好的。毕竟在这种零下50度的低温,离家9000公里远,不太适合人类生存的地方当个电工意味着你有钱赚都没地方花。不过2.3万英镑的薪水包食宿的待遇还是在这份工作刚在BBC登广告招聘的时候就让英国人挤破了头。

  For those who prefer warmer climes, then work as a waterslide tester might be more appealing. Tommy Lynch spends his working days touring his holiday firm's “splash resorts” to monitor quality control. For some of these he has to struggle to locations in Cyprus, the Algarve, Egypt and Mallorca. “I do have the best job in the world,” said Mr Lynch, “but no one believes me when I tell them what it is.”

  对于那些更喜欢暖和天气的人来说,做一个水上滑梯测试员就很有吸引力了。Tommy Lynch的工作就是测试各地水上乐园的滑梯质量。

  Leigh McCarron is paid to take a night's rest at a Travelodge three or four times a week to ensure that the beds are up to standard. The position of director of sleep pays a salary of £60,000 a year。

  谁说睡觉不能赚钱?Leigh McCarron的工作就是每周在Travelodge酒店睡三四个晚上确保酒店的床都符合标准。这一职位的年薪是6万英镑。

  perhaps the job that really takes the biscuit when it comes to “job satisfaction” belongs to Betto Almedia, during the Rio de Janeiro carnival. The Brazilian goes to work at 11am each day and spends his time painting the bodies of some of the carnival's most beautiful women。

  It takes about two hours to paint each living artwork, and most days he will have two blank canvases to turn into masterpieces, for which he charges £660 a day. “You wouldn't believe how many applications I get for an assistant,” Mr Almedia said. “But it's hard work, man, I take my job seriously.”




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