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  Telling the whole truth about yourself in a job interview may mean losing a position to a better-qualified candidate. But the alternative-- lying about your degree, qualifications, or experience for short-term gain -- inevitably will come back to haunt you.


  Still, there are gray areas in which a small fib -- or embellishment -- could go a long way toward helping you land a job.


  “I'm a pro-fibber,” says blogger and consultant Nicole Williams, author of the forthcoming book “Girl on Top: Your Guide to Turning Dating Rulesinto Career Success.” “At the same time, you have to be aware of therisks and do it very strategically.”

  即将出版的书籍“Girl on Top: Your Guideto Turning Dating Rules into Career Success.”一书的作者,博主,顾问NicoleWilliams说:“我是一个说谎专家,但在说谎的同时,你要明白这样做的风险,要非常有战略性地去说谎。”

  Here are six areas in which you can enhance your credentials without having a Pinocchio moment during an interview -- or even worse, afteryou've gotten the job.


  What's Your Real Salary?


  How much people make is “the No. 1 lie,” says Julie Jansen, a careercoach and author of “I Don't Know What I Want, But I Know It's Not This.” “I tell my clients not to embellish their salaries.”

  职业教练Julie Jansen说有多少人将这点作为“1号谎言”,而我告诉我的客户不要美化他们的工资。

  Instead, Jansen recommends you can provide recruiters with the value of your entire compensation package -- including salary, vacation and other benefits -- and request a percentage increase on top of that amount.


  Managing Your Title


  It's OK to stretch the truth about your title, if your actual responsibilities are more demanding than your job implies, according to workplace columnist and speaker Alexandra Levit.

  根据职场专栏作家和演讲家Alexandra Levit的观点,如果你的职责比工作要求的更多,那么适当的夸大你的职位头衔是可以的。

  “A lot of times titles don't tell the whole story,” says Levit,author of “They Don't Teach Corporate in College: A Twenty-Something's Guide to the Business World.” “You might spin your title to reflect what you actually did.”

  “很多时候职位并不能表明一切”作家 Levit如是说:“你可以说一个反应你做的所有事情的职位。”

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